GrapplerTodd - Rainbow Stacking Stones

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Experience the joy of tactile exploration with GrapplerTodd's Wooden Rainbow Stacking Stones. Crafted with care from sustainably sourced wood, these stacking stones feature a spectrum of vibrant colours that evoke the beauty of the rainbow. Inspired by Waldorf principles, these toys encourage open-ended play and ignite imaginative exploration. Each smooth-edged stone fits effortlessly in little hands, promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As children stack, balance, and arrange the stones, they develop spatial awareness and creativity. Whether used as standalone toys or combined with other wooden stackers, these rainbow stacking stones offer endless possibilities for play and learning. Elevate playtime with GrapplerTodd's Wooden Rainbow Stacking Stones and watch your child's imagination take flight in a world of colourful possibilities.

Product Details:

GrapplerTodd's Wooden Rainbow Stacking Stones offer endless opportunities for creative play and skill development. You receive 10 wooden stones in the box.

 How to Play:

Arrange the wooden rainbow stacking stones on a flat surface. Encourage your child to experiment with stacking the stones in various configurations, creating colourful towers and patterns. Challenge your child to balance the stones on top of each other without toppling the tower. Use the stones to create bridges, tunnels, or imaginative landscapes during pretend play. Store the stacking stones in a convenient location for easy access and encourage independent exploration during playtime.

GrapplerTodd - Rainbow Stacking StonesGrapplerTodd - Rainbow Stacking StonesGrapplerTodd - Rainbow Stacking StonesGrapplerTodd - Rainbow Stacking Stones