Montessori Dressing Frames

Welcome to GrapplerTodd's Montessori Dressing Frames collection, where children can explore the world of independent dressing in a fun and educational way. Our Montessori Dressing Frames are designed to teach children essential dressing skills, such as zipping, buttoning, lacing, using velcro and buckling or fastening in a hands-on and engaging manner. Each frame features high-quality materials and designs to provide an authentic dressing experience. With a variety of frames to choose from, including zipper, button, lace, buckle and velcro frames, children can practice and master each skill at their own pace. Our Dressing Frames are perfect for home or classroom use and are suitable for children aged 2 and above. Encourage independence, fine motor development, and confidence in your child with GrapplerTodd's Montessori Dressing Frames. Let your child explore, learn, and grow as they embark on the journey towards dressing success!

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